Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Reviews

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Brendan Shipton

Awesome place to train I'd recommend it most definitely great facility

Brendan Shipton

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Christa Anderson

I've been training at abmma in D'Iberville for over a year, and although I haven't been able to go as much as I wanted to because of some neck problems, I love this gym! I can't tell you how many gyms I've started throughout the years and stopped because I never went because there was no motivation, they weren't enjoyable, I was never really "challenged." After a class with Tyler, I typically feel like I can go no more, like I gave all that I possibly had and there's nothing else left to give! He brings out the most you have in every class! He is that trainer in your ear telling you to "keep going!" I learn new techniques and combos every class. He meets you at any skill level you may have in boxing/KB, and he spends one on one time with you to fine tune or correct your technique. And if you keep up with it, you'll quickly feel stronger, more coordinated, etc., after every class. Love abmma!

Christa Anderson

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville  Meshia Simmons

I attended the Alan Belcher MMA club in Dlbverville while I was in tech training at Keesler AFB this year. I wanted to find something that kept me engaged and active through all that studying. Never boxed before, these lady and gentleman were patient with me and I grew a love for boxing. I saw results regardless of if I was eating right (If I ate right would have been a lot more) the owner taught many of the classes! Now that I've graduated and went back home I just wanted to give a review to say If you're thinking about trying it you should!

Meshia Simmons

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Eric Chang

I had the pleasure of checking out the facility about 2 years ago! The area was clean, staff, of course, is knowledgeable. For sure if I were in the area this is where I would be, even if you didn't want to be a fighter. If you're going to do any kind of fitness boxing/kickboxing then go here, after all, proper technique for a proper workout.

On the side, Alan has helped me with my gym with his tips and advice for marketing and I continue to strive to meet his standards of excellence and imprint them on my gym too.

Eric Chang

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Erin Steele

My experience at ABMMA has an awesome and life changing. I've been going here for little over two years. When I first started here in 2010 I was 255 pounds and I was badly out of shape. Now two years later I'm 205 and in the best shape I've ever been. So if your looking to get in shape and learn some great martial arts Alan Belcher MMA Club is where you wanna be!!! 

Erin Steele

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Catherine Verdigets

Really love this place!  Professional and personal instruction, motivation and enthusiasm!

Catherine Verdigets

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Ryan Lich

Absolutely loved it!!! Will be definitely joining!! Classes ( Combat Fit and Kickboxing) were outstanding! Instructors were very friendly and welcoming!

Ryan Lich

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville John Geraci

Just had my first class there. I really enjoyed it. Very intense. Very hands on! I will be going the club soon

John Geraci

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Travis Stewart

I’m here for three weeks training and it’s such an awesome gym with high level instruction and competitors/ fighters. These people are extremely welcoming and I’m more than thankful to be able to train and learn from some of the best in the sport. I recommend Alan Belcher mma to anyone from beginner to pro they will have a spot for you.

Travis Stewart

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Brandt R.

This place changed my life. I joined almost three years ago, and lost 70 pounds in 7 months, doing three kickboxing classes a week. It was incredible. Still is my favorite place, and I have been learning so many incredible forms of self defense, martial arts and functional fitness. Absolutely adore the staff, my training partners, and the energy here. So worth the money. Come try a class for sure!

Brandt R.

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Robby Ellis

Awesome instructors that really want to help people of all skill levels improve! Highly motivated and great attitude staff, and the best way to stay fit and have fun doing it!

Robby Ellis

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Justin Wright

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience here so far! Inspirational trainers, intense workouts, and positive environment make working out and getting in shape something to look forward to.

Justin Wright

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville  Susie Hixenbaugh

I love Alan Belcher MMA. The atmosphere is great, and the staff is great. The kids are wonderful, and I'm always proud to see his far my grandson has progressed. A big thank you to David Wayne Barnes for being a awesome trainer!

Susie Hixenbaugh

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Jason Cefalu

I'm a pro fighter, I've visited and trained in many MMA gyms, from small teams in MS to Team Alpha Male and American Kickboxing Academy in California with all the greats. Well I love ABMMA so much I moved here just to be able to train with these guys and further my career. By far the most welcoming, I immediately felt like family, and the environment is great. The coaches and the knowledge they share is on a whole other level. I love this gym and the people in it. I would recommend it for anyone, pro fighter or just someone looking to get in great shape!!

Jason Cefalu

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Katrina Dwyer

My son had his birthday at the D'Iberville location yesterday, and EVERYONE who attended (parents and kids) could not stop talking about how amazing the party was. I even had three of the parents texting for details that night asking how they could go about booking for their child's upcoming birthdays. The party was hosted/instructed by Alex, and he was absolutely AMAZING with the kids. His ability to entertain and his willingness to participate and interact with the kids truly made the party that much better. My youngest son did not want to leave the gym when the party was over. When I asked my son (the birthday boy) how his birthday was at the end of the night, he said, "Mom, I was waiting for my birthday all year, and that was the BEST...I want to have it there again next year!" I had no idea what to expect in regards to how the party would go, considering we have never attended a party there before, but I cannot emphasize how happy I am that I went through with it. You do not think of birthday parties when it comes to an MMA club, but I can assure you that they have an AWESOME birthday party package set up. We will be doing this again, for sure!

Katrina Dwyer

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Tomi Gorham

I love this place because they're amazing with my granddaughter Zaritta Brown who takes MMA class with David, Jeremy and Caleb in D'Iberville

Tomi Gorham

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Stephen Hayes

I didn't know I could push myself this hard, the instructors are great. I go every day. I am obsessed. Whether you want to lose weight (which you will do quickly) and get an awesome full body workout in, or truly learn martial arts this is the place to be.

Stephen Hayes

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Michael C.

My son transferred here after 5 years of TaeKwonDo, in order to, as he put it: Fight. This place is the premier training center along the Gulf Coast. Highly respected instructors, multiple rooms for training and a professional octagon, allow for all experience levels to thrive. Having seen many Dojos, this is by far the best of everything- Value, Learning and Fun.

Michael C.

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Nick Hallman

This place is basically my home away from home. I'm here at least 6 days a week, several times a day training. The atmosphere is phenomenal. A lot of high level competitors, both instructors and students. The staff makes you feel like you're part of the family from the minute you walk through the door. Everyone is level-headed, down to earth, and more than willing to take time out of their day to help you get to your goals. This place has chanced my life both physically and mentally. If you want a train at a high level academy and have your game taken up another notch, then this is the place!

Nick Hallman

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville  Michael Harrien

Lily had a fantastic time tonight with the other kids!! Just wanted to thank the Alan Belcher team for a great experience and great after school program.

Michael Harrien

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Dana DuBois

This gym is the best! Great classes, great instructors, great people! This gym is run with a standard of professionalism and honor!

Dana DuBois

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville LaWanda Daniels

Nothing like it! I've been at this (kickboxing) almost a year and still loving it!! Worth every drop of sweat!!

LaWanda Daniels

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Ruben Huron

Alan Belcher MMA Club is my family's home away from home. We have been members here for a year and it has been the best year ever! From the moment we walked into the gym we were greeted by the nicest, most amazing staff ever! Our kids have grown so much since starting their training at ABMMA. The instructors make sure the kids know that school is more important than training and they must maintain good grades to continue their training. This pushes the kids to excel at school as well as in the gym. We didn't know what kind of experience we would get when we first started here, but it has definitely been the best we could ask for. If you are looking for a family friendly gym that offers you a variety of different classes then Alan Belcher MMA Club is the place for you. Hands down this is the BEST GYM around!!

Ruben Huron

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Olivia Hodges

Best MMA gym I've ever been too! The staff is awesome and the classes are intense in a good way! Love this gym!

Olivia Hodges

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Tom Phan

I been a member since the beginning of August and I must say that this mma club is great for either getting one's daily physical exercise and/or learning a particular fighting style. Alan Belcher will genuinely try his best to make sure that your technique is correct and will motivate you throughout the regime/workout. Keep up the great work Alan! #teamroufusport!

Tom Phan

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Marcy Schultz

Love the atmosphere... Love the way they are with the kids.. Daughter just started and have learned so much in just a couple of classes.. Looking forward to what all she learns.. her excitement is over whelming.. the smile on her class days is amazing ... she looks forward to class and seeing her new friends.

Marcy Schultz

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Sherri George Harrell

They are very friendly and helpful. I love it. They are knowledgeable also.

Sherri George Harrell

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Douglas Lawrence

I've been a member of Alan Belcher MMA Club since April 2009. Being in the military it is sometimes hard to find a top level gym. Ever since I joined I have become a member of the Alan Belcher family. The level of instruction and the overall training experience has been the best I have ever seen. I have learned so much from my instructors here and they have allowed me to pass on my knowledge to other members by making me an Instructor. I cannot imagine a better place to have trained at for the last 4yrs and the camaraderie that everyone here shows to every member and instructor. This is a second home for me here and I have loved and cherished every day I am able to train here with such an amazing group of talented people.

Douglas Lawrence

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Reinhart Konen

Great club with awesome instructors and friendly staff. I've never really tried to push myself to see what my body is capable of doing until I joined. It's been nearly 2 years since I've joined and I've no regrets, found a new passion, and will definitely continue in the future.

Reinhart Konen

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Jena Taylor

My son and husband train at Alan Belcher MMA Club and enjoy it greatly. My son is not one to stay focused and on task, but since he has started training, this is the one thing that he never forgets. I have seen an improvement in his attitude at home as well, and he is starting to focus a little more on other important factors. My husband is getting back into the shape he was in while he was in the military. I haven't started any kind of training there yet but have met many of the instructors there and enjoy the atmosphere of the gym. It definitely has something for everyone.

Jena Taylor

Alan Belcher MMA Club - D'Iberville Dan Jones

Don't be fooled by the name... Alan Belcher MMA Club and Fitness is more than just a gym, it's my home away from home. It's a complete family atmosphere and it starts when you walk in the doors. There is zero negativity and the staff is one of a kind. No matter what you are looking for, everyone is trying to help you reach your goals. I wouldn't waste anymore time reading about this place, get in and try it out!!

Dan Jones

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